Interstellar Adventures 1.2

Launching 5/19, Interstellar Adventures 1.2 brings new tech, NPCs, and monsters to encounter and master across over 20 different dimensions! Combine Mekanism, AE2, Immersive Engineering, Create, Industrial Foregoing, and dozens of other mods for limitless options to create, construct, and automate your imagination!

Compared to the last major release, 1.1.1, here's how Interstellar Adventures 1.2 improves some of the core areas of the modpack:

Science & Technology

In 1.2, you have more options than ever before to design expansive factories for resource production. With Alchemistry, you can break down materials into the raw elements they come from, combine those elements into new items, and even change lead into gold or silver into platinum with the Fission and Fusion reactors. Immersive Engineering adds tech spanning from the industrial revolution to the present, helping to bridge the aesthetic and historical gap between Create and high tech mods like Mekanism or AE2. Draconic Evolution adds detailed customizable high-tier gear in the same vein as Tinker's Construct, as well as high tier energy storage.

Immersion & Roleplay

The focus of NPC interaction in Interstellar Adventures up to this point has been Minecolonies, but the vanilla villagers are finally getting their time in the spotlight! In IA 1.2 you'll be able to encounter the Wandering Trapper, discover new villager professions, buy animals from villagers, hire villager workers, take on the role of a villager, and more. Also new in this version, create player shops with Shoppy, and join a party with your friends to see their status from anywhere!


With the combined powers of the Lobby, Multiworld, and Space Dimensions mods, explore over 20 unique dimensions; fly to the icy moon of Europa, land on the surface of Venus, cross a portal into the mysterious Twilight Forest, and many more. Also new in this update, Dynmap adds a dynamic world map viewable in the browser at!!