Modpack Dev Report 4/2023

Interstellar Adventures

Current Release Version: 1.1.0c

1.2 Beta (A) testing is finished, there are some known issues with clients on IPV6 networks accessing the server, but we have found fixes for every case so far, meaning development of 1.2 is almost done.

1.2 Beta (B) Overall I would say this is update is focused on trying to make the game more immersive and alive with RPG features, more complex and interesting vanilla villages, some player-requested utility mods, and Cliffhouse Origins being added back into the pack. If I continue to have issues with the Origins addon, 1.2 might release without it, it only needs to be installed on the server to work.


Many mods, especially Better Combat from 1.4.4 to 1.6.2 so you will no longer swing in front of the POV camera with vanilla weapons.


Construction Wand
ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village
Dimension Access Manager
Draconic Additions
Draconic Evolution
Initial Spawn Dimension
More Villagers
NoCube's Villagers Sell Animals
Village Employment
Villager Names
Wandering Trapper
Wandering Trader Message
Villager Workers
Easy NPC
RPG Parties
Tinkers Item Leveling Add-on
Better Leveling
and other supporting mods.


better biome blend
better f3
Fairy Dragons
Light overlay

Seek & Destroy

Development Paused

Development on Seek & Destroy is paused for now while I pursue development of Interstellar Adventures and other projects.