The Story of the Cliffhouse

In the middle of 2020, I realized that I needed a new social outlet. My group of gaming friends, some of whom I'd played TTRPGs with for the last 5 years, could no longer meet. For the first few months of the pandemic, I was content to work on plans and ideas for the return to normal that I expected in the fall. At the end of summer, with fall approaching and cabin fever starting to set in, I decided I couldn't wait for socializing in person to be safe, so I created a Discord server to host D&D for my friends online. I named the server after my house- The Clough House, or Kloghaus as I called it- because it was supposed to be the digital representation of my game room, which I hoped to return to in person soon.

After that first D&D game ended, I re-used the server to share a Minecraft server I'd set up for my friends, and changed the name to 'Cliffhouse Games.' A few months later, while I was active on Twitch and Patreon, I adopted the "Cliffhouse Games" label for my own projects, and restored the server's original name. Since then, The Cliffhouse has remained as the digital foyer to the game servers, application servers, and real-life events that I plan with the friends who started it all.